Stalker-bind Cindy and torture her

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You sit Cindy in a chair at her kitchen table and tie her wrists behind the chair back. After pulling her pants off, you tie her ankles to the back legs of the chair, forcing her thin but shapely legs to be spread wide. A rope running around her neck and down to the chair's frame holds her head back.

A quick hard slap on her face brings her back to full alertness. The cute Hispanic immediately starts to panic, but you cover her mouth and hold a knife near her eye. "I wouldn't scream if I were you," you say menacingly. Cindy tears up, but complies with your order. You find a dirty dishrag and shove it in her mouth to keep her quiet while you look around the house. You find a basket of clothespins and pull her top down off her shoulders. You brush a wooden clip over her quivering breast, but instead plant it on her pussy lips. Cindy grunts into her gag as you attach a clothespin to her other lip, then add a second to each lip. As you let the fifth clothespin squeeze hard on her clit, Cindy howls, almost jumping out of the chair as you play with the tight peg.

"Calm down, little lady," you say as you go through her purse. "Oh, I guess it's a good thing you didn't have this with you," you add as you pull out her pepper spray. You quickly grab her hair and spray her eyes. Cindy's face turns three shades of red as tears flow from her eyes and snot pours from her nose. She screams constantly from the burning, seemingly oblivious to your hands slapping at her exposed breasts.

While strains against her bonds, you plug in a curling iron from the bathroom. "Open your eyes," you order as you grab her hair and make her look down at you. You wave the hot metal wand in front of her as she shakes her head wildly in protest. You rub your hand over her shaking, straining leg before pressing the iron against her inner thigh, her hips bucking wildly as you burn a stripe into each leg. You stand behind the chair and reach down to Cindy's chest. She wimpers as you pull her tits together with one arm and ram the curling iron between them, scarring her as you fuck her cleavage with the tool.

You loosen the rope around Cindy's wrists and run out of the house.

Do you:

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