Stalker-bang the drugged girl right away

From Create Your Own Story

You can't wait anymore, so you decide to fuck Jenny in the mall parking lot. You open the top buttons of her white blouse and expose a beige C cup bra. Pulling her skirt up, you cut through her pantyhose and satin panties. After lubing up your raging hard on, you push Jenny's knees apart and point your dick at her snatch. The brunette lets out a small moan as you enter her, your slick cock burying itself in her dry cunt. Groping her tit through her bra, you fuck the unconcious girl furiously. The springs on the van creek as you lose yourself in lust. You barely notice the flashing yellow lights before the mall security guard bangs on the window. You can also see a cop car driving across the parking lot.

Do you:

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