Stalker-attack Joey

From Create Your Own Story

You leave the mall and drive home. Along the way you pass Jenny's house and notice a car in the driveway. It must be the douchebag that's getting between you and the object of your obsession. You decide to rush home and get a baseball bat.

Returning to the house you look around to see where he's at. When you don't see him in the living room or in the kitchen, you sneek inside. There doesn't seem to be anyone around until you hear the sink running in the bathroom. You stand next to the door with the bat raised waiting.

Just as the door opens, you jab the knob end of the bat into his face. Jenny's boyfriend steps back and, in his confusion, fails to defend himself as you raise the bat over head. With one crack across his skull, you drop him like a stone.

Do you:

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