Stalker-a necklace

From Create Your Own Story

You buy a necklace with a gold heart and a diamond studded key. The note in the box asks Jenny to meet you at Gordon's Lobster House for dinner.

As you wait at the the restaurant, you spot Jenny come in. As you get up to let her know you are her admirer, you notice the two girls with her.

"Robert? Are you the one sending me these gifts?"

"That's me," you say with a smile.

"Oh, Robert, this isn't good. I mean it's sweet and all..." Jenny pauses, but her little blonde friend jumps in.

"You can't do this. Just leave her alone."

"She's right Robert," Jenny adds, "I mean, lingerie? Joey almost freaked when he saw it."

"I'm sorry. At least have dinner with me to make up for it."

"No Robert, we're going."

You leave feeling miserable for upsetting her but also angry for being frustrated again. You also wonder about those two girls. Why did they have to stick their noses in this?

Do you:

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