Stalker-Wake Jenny by licking her pussy

From Create Your Own Story

You rub your hand down her sexy body and tickle her stomach. She slightly twitches, but remains asleep with a slight smile on her face now. You pull all the covers off her and get off the bed to completely look at her beautiful nude form. You had always dreamed of this moment since you could remember and here you got to do what you had always dreamed of doing, but you also wanted so much more.

You go back to her, after looking her over and softly push her from her side until she lays on her back. You then get on the bed between her legs and with a quick excitement you feel in your stomach you lean and begin to tongue her slit. It doesn't take long before it becomes extremely wet and as soon as you stick a finger into her anus fingering as fast as you can, she squirts all over your face and wakes up with a startled noise.

You weren't quite expecting her squirt all over your face and you felt a little bad for not having your mouth open to take in all of her love juice, but you were able to capture some of it. You look up at her with a grin. She did not grin back.

"R-Robert? Wha?" Jenny said somewhat still in pleasure and not knowing how she got here.

"Um." You start.

"Oh, I remember now." Jenny said looking like she might have done something bad and got up to dress. "I need to go home."

"What's wrong?" You ask innocently thinking about how she's probably worrying about her boyfriend.

"I have a boyfriend." She says looking at you sadly. If you aren't mistaken, it looked as if she was possibly sad about leaving also, or maybe that was wishful thinking?

"Oh? You do? I didn't know. I'm so sorry." You say hoping she'll believe your small lie.

"It doesn't matter. I need to go now." She said completely dressed now.

What do you do now?

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