Stalker-Drive the drugged girl to an abandoned house in the woods

From Create Your Own Story

You arrive at the house, she is starting to stir. You should probably do something with her quick. You look at the man.

"Hey, what's your name anyways?"


"Okay Paul, what should we do with her?"

He gives you a lusty grin. "Lets tie her up to the bed with me on the bottom. I want her ass."

You smile back. You two start tying her up with room on the bottom for Paul to get under her. As you are doing this she wakes up and starts wriggling around. She looks at you with angry eyes.

"Why are you doing this? I thought you said you liked me?"

Paul smacked her and told her to be quiet. He then slid under her and started to poke his cock at her virginal hole.

"No please don't! At least use- AHHHHHHH!"

He had shoved his whole 8" cock into her, without any lube and was banging her hard and fast, holding her hips and forcing his meaty cock into her ass over and over. She was wriggling around and screaming, you go up to her, exited by the violence and shove your whole cock into her pussy. You both build up a rhythm, pumping inside her at the same time. Fucking her dry holes. She is screaming and trying to get away from you. Jerking about from all the pain as you both slam your hard cocks into her. Finally you both finish, blowing your loads into her simultaneously. You collapse on top of her.

Do you:

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