Stalker-Beat Jenny as she makes herself cum

From Create Your Own Story

You get up and remove the belt from your pants and tell her to remove her nightie. "What I want you to do is masturbate for me. While you do that, I'm gonna beat you with this belt until you make yourself cum. Got that?" Taking both ends in one hand, you crack her across the her left tit with the belt as she howls and cries out, "Yes, sir." Jenny spreads her legs and moves her hands to her crotch as you slowly wave the belt above her, then whip it against her tummy, making her pull her hands up. "It's gonna take a long time if you keep jumping like that," you say as you whack her inner thigh. Jenny's fingers go back to work as you alternate between striking her tits and her legs, your hand pressed to her mouth to stifle the cries of pain as her pussy juices begin to seep from around her fingers. As welts rise up on Jenny's abused chest, you turn her over so her ass is in the air. You crisscross her asscheeks with belt marks as her fingers bring her quivering cunt to orgasm. While you're a little pissed that you had to beat Jenny to make her cum, it doesn't change the fact that your cock is straining to get at her.

Do you:

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