Stalker-"Why don't I take you on a nice date, Jenny? Pick something or somewhere you like."

From Create Your Own Story

Jenny presses against you. "I see something I like right here," she purrs, wrapping her arms tightly around you. "I can't believe how sweet and wonderful you are, Robert. I could happily spend the day in your arms."

You can't believe how sweet and wonderful Jenny is, either. "I certainly wouldn't object," you reply, moving your lips to her neck and nuzzling it.

Jenny lets out a soft moan. "If you did want to venture out, I know a lovely spot in the deep woods. It's a nice day for a picnic and I have the materials for a picnic lunch and a basket handy. The nice thing about this spot in the woods is that we can be alone -- no one else is ever there." She nibbles your neck teasingly and you shiver.

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