Squeeze past Gary for the window seat

From Create Your Own Story

Jessica decides to pass Gary for the window seat.

Standing next to Gary indicating that she wanted to pass, Gary looking up from his phone leering at Jessica's shapely legs and slowly gazing up with a blank motionless look on his face, "what do you want?" snarled Gary.

Jessica softly asked if she could have the spare seat and begin to move passed Gary's crossed legs assuming he would move.

When Gary didn't move Jessica turned her body to the side to squeeze passed Gary's legs and the seat in front, Jessica noticed that Gary appeared to be watching porn on his phone. A young looking girl was tied up with her hands behind her back in a rather slutty looking school uniform with her breasts visible and a masked man placing tape on the girls mouth.

Jessica had to left her left leg to help aid her passing into the seat but didn't realize that the helm of her skirt

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