Spoils of War

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"That will be all" Drogo ordered, the young servant girl bowing and exiting the tent. The Khal leaned back and rested on the pile of furs serving as his bed. His left hand brought some Westerosi wine to his lips, and his right idly played with his wife's breasts. She was lying next to him, naked as the day she was born, her breasts larger than usual, as she was 4 weeks pregnant with their second child. She was his favorite girl, and he was so glad he had married her. It had been her idea to invade Westeros, after all, and look where that had gotten him!

To Drogo's left was Missandei, a slave Drogo had been given as a gift. She served him both in bed and as a translator, and was never permitted to wear clothes. Something about her smooth ebony flesh turned Drogo on beyond belief. He gave the slave's right tit a grope, pinching the hard nipple. The translator smiled, leaning closer and kissing his neck. Drogo had been kinder than her last masters, and she had grown quite fond of him. Moaning, she began to touch herself, her body pressed up against the Khal's.

Between his legs, two of Drogo's more recent conquests were working hard. Sansa and Arya Stark, who had once been bitter enemies, dutifully sucked his cock together. They had been difficult to break, but after a few months he'd finally fucked the resistance out of them. Sansa had been the first to submit, her sister soon following suit. They were expert cocksuckers now, Sansa currently working the shaft while Arya took care of the balls. Every few minutes the sisters would make out passionately before switching places.

Daenerys even had a slave of her own, though this one had come willingly. Margaery Tyrell had her face buried between the khaleesi's legs, a position she was used to. As the khalasar had approached the Reach, Margaery had approached them, offering herself to the Khal. In exchange, she asked him to ensure her family and people would be spared. Drogo agreed, gifting her to his wife on her nameday. She was the most sexually adept member of Drogo's harem, and had taught the Starks how to suck cock properly.

Drogo was getting bored, having been sucked off by the Stark sisters many times. Grabbing Sansa's hair, he pulled the redhead onto his lap. Her pale skin contrasted so beautifully with Drogo's dark tan. She had once been so innocent, so pure. Now she was an experienced whore, climbing on Drogo's dick without hesitation. It was a tight fit, Sansa's pussy not yet stretched by childbirth, but she knew what she was doing. She rode her master like she would ride a lover. Her back was arched, her jiggling breasts pushed out for the Khal's enjoyment.

"The princess really is a complete slut now, isn't she," Missandei comments, squeezing one of Sansa's breasts possessively. The Stark girl didn't respond, still riding Drogo's cock. "Oooh, so focused. Lemme see if I can fix that." Wrapping her arms around her fellow slave, Missandei aggressively made out with the redhead, almost angrily invading the poor girl's mouth with her tongue. Sansa was shocked, and even a bit scared, but knew better than to resist. She was even able to keep bouncing on her master's dick, a testament to her training.

"We trained the fight outta this whore, too," Daenerys added, nudging Arya with her foot. The young girl was a devoted bed slave, sucking on Drogo's balls and licking up her sister's juices as they leaked out. To prove how depraved Arya was, Drogo grabbed Sansa's hips and forced her to take all of his cock, spreading her ass in the process. Arya got the message, her tongue diving into her sister's asshole. The redhead climaxed immediately as Arya buried her face between Sansa's cheeks. Any reservations Arya may of had about incest had been destroyed during her training. If Drogo asked her to fuck a horse, she would probably do it without a second thought.

The sisterly love had brought Drogo close to his climax, but he knew he shouldn't cum in Sansa. Pushing her off his dick, Sansa tumbled to the floor, her pussy still quivering from her recent orgasm. The Khal had been meaning to put a baby in Missandei, a reward for her good service, and he couldn't think of a better time. He grabbed her smooth, ebony body and forced her onto all fours, her face pushed into the furs. The slave was very compliant, even wiggling her ass for her master. Missandei loved getting fucked, and almost screamed when Drogo penetrated her. Her cunt greedily swallowed his entire length, desperate for pleasure. The Khal fucked her hard, too close to his climax to show restraint. His strong hands struck her ass, the pain only adding to her pleasure.

On the other side of the bed, Daenerys moaned in ecstasy as Margaery's brilliant tongue made the khaleesi cum. Hearing his wife orgasm pushed Drogo over the edge, and with one final thrust he filled Missandei with his seed. She climaxed with him, the prospect of carrying her master's child intoxicating. After depositing the last drop of semen, the Khal collapsed onto the bed, his dick still inside his slave. Missandei didn't mind, in fact she enjoyed the feeling, cuddling up next to her master. Dany and Margaery joined them, crawling over and finding a spot next to the man they loved. The Stark's had not yet earned their place on the bed, and were forced to sleep on the ground.

As Drogo fell asleep, surrounded by girls devoted to him, there to service his every need, he thanked himself for deciding to marry that girl from Westeros.

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