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Being a young teenage girl is tough!

After deciding to spend your time at home, you just begin the day by hanging around your room. You finally have a chance to read through the latest Cosmogirl. You wish that you could afford to look as sexy as the girls in the magazine. You've been trying lately, with more skirts and fashion sense, but you still don't feel glamorous. The quiz sucks this issue ("To headwear or not"), but you take it anyway - apparently in your case it's a not! But still, one can't read Cosmo all day, and you soon grow bored. You leave your room and see your daddy in the living room. He's sitting in a big chair, in his boxers and a dirty t-shirt, drinking a beer and watching a movie on TV with a lot of blood and guts.

Ever since your mom died last year, things have been getting steadily worse. She was all that kept the family in line. Since her death, your daddy lost his job and has started drinking heavily.

You have to take care of your little five-year old brother, who's still at daycare now. Daddy only lays around, and doesn't ever seem to be happy.

You sit down on the couch, and even though you don't really want to, you start watching the gory movie. You've avoided your daddy for a couple weeks now, because he's been making you uncomfortable.

Still, you realize how awful life must be for him, and you want to be a good girl, so, feeling guilty, you decide you need to make an effort. But then you glance up, and realize he is looking at you strangely again, in the way you've been worried about a lot lately.

Daddy seems to be more and more interested in you each time, and not in a comfortable way. Today, it might be because you're still dressed for school - a short skirt and tank top. It could even be that you're just imagining things - you have been ignoring him a lot lately, and he might just miss you. He is your father, so you have to try to say something to him, but what can you say?

Do you:

Requirements: This is a story about a young girl written in second person.

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