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! to "Get outa' here ugly, you should kill yourself!"
"Get ready, I'm going to cum!" to "I am a Muslim."
"I am a Tory, and that boy, Edward, should be punished." to "Let's go, sir. I'm looking forward to being helpless."
"Let's go, sir. I want to try those toys." to "Put on your new boots"
"Put the tip in my ass" to "Well, if I take Leroy out of the picture, will you come with me?…
"Well, if you're just gonna sit there I think I'll enjoy myself t… to "Your new name is Ciara, and you're going to be my slut from now …
"Your place." to (555)
(558) to (GirlsSchool) Keep trying to sleep.
(GirlsSchool) Leave her alone. to *At the clothing store in the mall
*Attend to the female customer leaving the changing room to -He gives yo $10,000
-He joins you to ...lunge forward and jam your pole into Kara's mouth, filling her thro…
...offer to soap up Xuan's back in return to 12 Gage Shotgun
12 inches down Penny's throat to 26 year old Policeman- Lick dressed comatose Rosa's pussy
26 year old Policeman- Lick naked comatose Rosa's pussy to 2 of Prickles
2 of Pungents to 6 Months.
6 months later to AEPV/Keep sitting there.
AEPV/Sit down on the bed. to ANH: Chewbacca (Wookie)
ANH: Chewbacca cums in Leia's mouth to AOTC: Get your dad to cum in your mouth.
AOTC: Get your electro nodes. to AUWLock the Doors
AUWLook Out the Window to A Magician's Journey
A YOUNG BOY'S NIGHT-JOHN WAITING AT THE DOOR to A goblin, twisted and tiny.
A god? to A sandwich with your own "personal" touch
A school to Accept Safaria's invitation
Accept Sheila's invite back to her studio to Adam and Eve Experiment/Get up
Adam and Eve Experiment/Get up and try to cover yourself to Adventure/Option 2
Adventure/Option 3 to Agree to "show him a good time" in the stall.
Agree to 69 with Cinda to Alice: Remove your clothes
Alice: The Red Queen has you whipped to Alright, no I didn't
Alright eyes, lets go. to An innocent child that learns from her elders
An inteligent scholar that teaches the children what they need to lear… to Another Pointless Story/ Try To Nap His Neck.
Another Pointless Story/ Use Kamahamaha to Apologize and tell the girls you're new in town and just trying to fig…
Apologize and tell them you can't do it to Arcade Glitch/Male
Arcade Glitch/Male/"I liked you better before." to Arturia/Silky Dress/Say your goodbyes
Arturia/Silky Dress 1/Ruairi to Ask Harvey for more info on the hit
Ask Heather and Jessica to strip. to Ask Sylvia if she would like a little bit of sex play now
Ask Sylvia to ride your cock to Ask her if you can play with her tits.
Ask her if you can slip something into her slot to Ask if he'd like to walk there together
Ask if he'll take you somewhere you can reward him to Ask the duck for help
Ask the duck to kiss it and make it better to Ask them how the child is trouble/option 1
Ask them if they'd like to have a threesome to Assure Dào-míng that you will not rape her
Assure Emera that this beach is never occupied after nightfall to Attempt to escape the stable
Attempt to escape through the window to BA: "Okay, sorry"
BA: "at her face" to BVM/Her ass
BVM/Her pussy to Bash her with the butt of your rifle
Bash his fingers with hatchet to Become a Mexican like John
Become a Miller to Believe - Try using your left hand to fight
Believe It (Naruto Love Story) to Big s Andrea 2
Bigger Time Lapse to Blast a wad of spunk deep inside Miho's twat
Blast all the spies to hell to Board the Song of the Setting Sun
Board the galleon! to Break its ankles.
Break off and extend a long branch towards the primitive woman to Build your dwelling out of wood -- it's quicker and reasonably solid
Build your new private house out of wood, like most other orcs in the … to CFF- blow job
CFF- cum in to CYS: head back inside your house
CYS: head downstairs to Call the departmental office and ask for the number
Call the desk to send up a maid to Carry Kiana to your room and tell her you want her to heal before mati…
Carry Kora in your arms so she doesn't have to strain her leg, and sta… to Cecilia/Go to Phyllis's house
Cecilia/Jason's House --69 to Charlie's Apartment
Charlie's Room to Check out their special offers
Check out what's behind the curtain to Choose Tamara, if only to see if her employer can find her and rectify…
Choose Thenalak's plan? to Christmas Story Games / A Level 22 Wizard Monkey
Christmas Story Games / Begin Starting Dungeon to Climb Onto The Roof
Climb Out to Code Geass Girls
Code Geass Girls / Cornelia takes her turn to College Girls / Take Lisa for a walk by the pond
College Girls / Take a short breather to give Emily time to climax too to Confront the woman about shooting her husband
Confront them, rifle drawn to Continue through your childhood.
Continue to Breakfast to Cool! Let's get started
Cool, quiet boy to Cowgirl to fuck it
Cowgirl to lick her sole clean to Crush his pecker in your demonically strong grip
Crush the harasser's penis in your grip to Cum onto his dick
Cum option one ... to D&D: FDS Ask Fey about taking a patron
D&D: FDS Ask him if he has something you could do to D&D: Lose your mind and pleasure yourself
D&D: Lunch break is over and you are able to move again to D&D: The howling Wolves: Day 2 ; Anders and Lady violet: ...pulls …
D&D: The howling Wolves: Day 2 ; Anders and Lady violet: ...pulls … to D) Alexander Otsuka?
D) Alexander Volkov and Roman Zentsov? to DIM Moira
DIM Next to Day In The Life of a Total Loser/Drop everything and run
Day In The Life of a Total Loser/Explain to the bus driver it was them… to Decide you want to watch the dildo stretch his hole
Decide your not done yet, and batter he asshole some more to Descend into darkness without a light
Descend into the lower chambers of the mansion. to Digimon Chronicle
Digimon Frontier to Disregard his pleas and kill him
Disregard the idea. to Do things around the house while Willie's mom is at work
Do this again and film yourself for the internet to Don't.
Don't Ask Patrick to Downfall/Better don't mention it
Downfall/Better not, she is a stranger after all to Downfall/Hotel 7
Downfall/Hotel 8 to Downfall/Try on the last costume 1
Downfall/Try on the last costume 2 to Drink coffee
Drink down the rest of the Ļüŝŧ potion to Drugstore
Drum on the hippo's head to EPIC/Get started on making a cake for Cake Boss
EPIC/Get to the mall to Eat a green chili pepper
Eat a kitten to Either way, we can't help her
Ejaculate in her buttery mouth to Enter cave 1
Enter door one to Erotic Fanfiction: Speed
Erotic Fanfiction: Star Trek to Examine the wounded mercs
Examine the zombie quickly before continuing onward to F: Go find your advisor; you have a busy day today
F: Lock your door and see if your Pokemon are up for some 'fun' once t… to FQ/Sleep
FQ/Trollboss to Faint with terror.
Fair skin, with Short Red Hair to FantasyJourney//Have fun with some palace maids
FantasyJourney//He asks you what you want to Fate/KrystleRespond
Fate/KrystleRoom to Female schoolkid
Female seeking Female to Find a man to "spend the night with"
Find a man to scratch your itch at the lake to Finish inside her.
Finish inside me, Nathan to Flight attendant sees you and comments (positive)
Flight spell on yourself so you can catch her to Follow Mr.Cooper
Follow Mr. S inside the bunker to For foreplay, rub the dildo against her pussy and talk about sex
For her panties to Fred coninues on down the passegeway and discovers a pool of lava.
Fred exits the machinery area and finds dragon droppings. to Fuck Yes
Fuck You Too to Fuck the maid again
Fuck the maid in the hallway again to Futa Kingdom/Futanari Berserker
Futa Kingdom/Go to the Inn's tavern to Gary.
Gary Rupert to Get away!!!
Get away before the demonic energy starts flying to Get more information about this group from Picard
Get more money by doing more to Get poured into the casserole dish
Get promoted to manager of the burger joint to Get up and shower
Get up and shower. to Girl Scout Camp
Girl Scout Camp/A girl is setting up a tent by herself to Girl Scout Camp/Magic Word: Strawberry (2)
Girl Scout Camp/Magic Word: Strawberry (3) to Girl Scout Cookies/Hand 7e - Keep the four diamonds
Girl Scout Cookies/Hand 7e - Keep the pair of tens to Give Up and Go Workout
Give Valeria water by pissing in her mouth to Give up and ask the rat girl where the exit is
Give up and do something else. to Go To Work
Go To the dancefloor with Grace to Go back to reading your Engineering book
Go back to room to Go elsewhere in the city
Go enjoy the rest of the carnival and come back at midnight to Go home and plan for life as a female.
Go home and play with your cat Joojoo to Go into your own room
Go into your room and get changed to Go over and take a look/RR
Go over and talk to Mandie while the two of you eat to Go the cowards way out/Option 3
Go the fuck ahead. They won't care to Go to bed without a fuss
Go to bed without making a fuss to Go to the clothing store
Go to the cockpit and set a course to Go to the third right of the eight-way
Go to the throne room/main all where you're safe with your guards to Go with Katy to her bedroom first
Go with Kel to the living room to watch a movie to Good son: action
Good son: action (01) to Good son: have you join
Good son: help David suck Kevin´s penis to Good son: tell them you did have a gay experience (00)
Good son: tell them you never had any gay experience to Grab The Camel's Penis
Grab The Chocolate Chip One to Grab the gun out of the woman's hand
Grab the guy and jack him off to Greek Mythology
Green to HHH/A.J. Go with Jennifer
HHH/A.J. Into the library - A to Hand him the dress(IE/WF)
Hand him the weapon. You know the plan. Hesitating now could throw off… to Harry Potter and the Connubialis Hex/The Burrow/Ron and Hermione/Wait …
Harry Potter and the Connubialis Hex/The Burrow/Ron and Hermione/Watch… to Have second thoughts
Have second thoughts... to Head South
Head South towards the plains to Head to Earl’s on Digby Aveue
Head to Enrollment to Help Anthony
Help Bobert out on his case. to Hetalia:ASAH/None, You Can't Decide
Hetalia:ASAH/The Black and Pink Silk Dress to High Voltage/Common2Q
High Voltage/Common4Q to High Voltage/Talk to Mark14R
High Voltage/Talk to Mark14Y to Hoboken Hal 1 2 1 3 3
Hoboken Hal 1 2 1 3 3 1 to Hooker life
Hookers! to Hot and Horny/Miranda Bath Josh
Hot and Horny/Miranda Bath Josh1 to Hump away at her some more
Hump back in the hopes he'll do you a third time to I'm lost. Where's the exit?
I'm male to I like being a clown
I like cheese. to If you have the skill Sneakstrike, and wish to use it, click here.
If you join Ramius, click here to Ignore the book and crawl forward
Ignore the boys and return your attention to the naked blonde in front… to Impregnate her
Impregnate some chick named Mary. You need your son, Jesus Christ, to … to Infection/Grab it in the air
Infection/Have the cop search the room to Instruct Krystal to suck on your cock
Instruct Krystal to suck on your cock on wheels to Invite her over to the bus terminal for sex
Invite her to a french restaurant and give her a pregnant pig to JDIA: Angelina checks the bedroom down the hall.
JDIA: Angelina checks the pool for Jennifer. to Jerk off onto yourself
Jerk off out the window to Join the tiger in the tub
Join their party to Jump on the pixie and pound her pussy
Jump on the pixie and spear her pussy to Just keep pounding Kitten's pussy
Just keep pumping Kitten's pussy to Karate - chop his shoulder
Karate Kingdom to Katie lies convincingly enough for the man to take pity on her
Katie loses her dress during the fall to Keep going, it's time to make her cum
Keep going, just suck it in! to Keep searching the woods
Keep searching under the tables to Kenji: Nod and give Rin a smile
Kenji: Offer to help Rin's mother prepare dinner to Kill some time, then go back to the club and watch Cherry perform
Kill that son of a bitch! to Kinkfinity/Lucia/ISNNN/Door
Kinkfinity/Lucia/ISNNND/Guards to Kiss his dick, then go get your cum-splattered clothes laundered
Kiss his neck to L4S/Search for equipment
L4S/Skip getting dressed and head out. to Lament loudly on how the Beethoven symphony without the people singing…
Lamp to Leap backwards and try to regain your feeting
Leap down into the dog's yard to Leave the Starbucks to give Hillary her iPod back.
Leave the all-night restaurant to Leave while the pixies are happily fucking in midair
Leave while you can to Let's Burn Down a Castle- morebobozenow1h
Let's Burn Down a Castle- moreboobzenow1r to Let Nina use your penis to fuck her sister
Let Out All Your Pee to Let him go; he's learnt his lesson
Let him go and dumb to Let the mime make it a full half dozen
Let the mime take care of your dreams and sleep all day to Lick Missy's panty crotch
Lick Mrs. Cooper's pussy to Lie there and wait for the dickhead to get it all into your pussy
Lie there facedown in the dirt while you heal to Life of a queen
Life of a rat to Little Italy
Little Miss Disaster to LoL/(M)(SAH) Go east1
LoL/(M)(SAH) Go with the easy way to Look for a light source
Look for a new concertmaster to Lose yourself in the carnival crowd
Losing badly(SLBC) to M.A./ Your body is a little more... human shaped.
M.A/Hear the jingling bell on your collar. (Female Cat) to MMGW,MTSC,Disrobed,Exercise
MMGW/Trainee to Machine of Magic/Buy some blankets, taking the out
Machine of Magic/Deny this accusation to Make a run for it TRI
Make a run for it before you're in the hole to Make up something
Make up something. to Marion
Marion/Marion to Mays Diary/January21st
Mays Diary/March28th to Messaging Sarah- She talks about herself
Messaging Sarah- She tells you she has her panties to Mind your own business, bitch
Minda, Twilight Princess to More lucid dreaming ...
More masturbation demonstration ... to Ms. O'Neill
Ms. Pac Man's ass while she's eating Sue to Mythical Adventure/ Home run
Mythical Adventure/ Home stay-End to Naruto/I'm gonna be the best, the Hokage.
Naruto/Leaf or Konoha to No, I'll walk
No, I'm a guy. to Nod, and let Steve take you into the back room.
Nod, and let the Amazon have her way with you to OJS/Endings
OJS/Is completely normal, since you have ample natural beauty to Offer to buy the woman new clothes
Offer to carry her books home for her to On second thought, I'll just take the bus home
On second thought, just a trim, please! to Ongoing Story/Spank her young pussy, first
Ongoing Story/Spend the night with Amber (Chrissy can wait) to Ongoing Story\You say: "Now, please fuck us. We need a man so bad…
Ongoing Story\You see Tracy to Open your window and shout "I am God, Master of Bees!"
Opening in the ground. to Outdone by Neighbor's Son
Outdoor Survival to PW: Heave in The Dingy
PW: Heave the Boat To A Place Guarded With Shields of Height to Paladin/Wind61
Paladin/Wind62 to Pay no mind to the abusing priest
Pay people to fuck to Penetrate Samantha's wet pussy
Penetrate her pussy to Pi Pi Pi/A temporary job
Pi Pi Pi/A thin summer dress to Pick None Of Them.
Pick Panties to Piggy's Day/Close the window
Piggy's Day/Comes out to Piggy's Day/The small door
Piggy's Day/The stairs to Platypus' Apartment
Platypus (with Amy) to Point at the two lobotomized slaves crotches
Point at your genitals and yell "MORE BITCH!" to Pokemon: Surrender
Pokemon: Switch back to Charmander to Pokesex/Boy/Kanto/Charmander/Pallet Town/Swimmer sex
Pokesex/Boy/Kanto/Charmander/Pallet Town/Swimmer sex/cunnilingus to Politely decline their mouth-watering invitation
Politely introduce yourself to Possessed/Apologize to Tracy, Jim
Possessed/Ask Mary inappropriate questions, Melly to Press her foot against your nose
Press her for details about her feelings about Timmy. to Prom
Prom - Katie does jumping jacks to Pull it out of the salesgirl’s pussy and stuff her ass instead
Pull lever 1 to Pull out your english sword rapier and duel her for the title of ultim…
Pull out your english sword rapier and try to fight it! to Pump Miho's pussy even harder
Pump Missy some more to Push it out before the floor crumbles...
Push it out before the floor gives way... to Put out of misery
Put pickle condoms on Ember's fingers to Quest of the magician
Quest of the magician/Old-But-Good Dagger to R: Persuade him to open the bag
R: Remember to ROTS Tit fuck the rest
ROTS go to sleep with the clones to Ralos/l/ec/t/la/t
Ralos/l/ec/t/rb to Raped by wolves (Exchange Student) (f)
Rapeher to Really. You'll cum your tits off
Really? Want me to take you on a tour? to Relax and enjoy
Relax and enjoy the fucking. You do seem to be getting your juices flo… to Reply that one stud is enough, but ask for a place to be mounted
Reply with, "Die!" to Return with your mates to live out your life in Isabelle's village
Return with your mates to live out your lives in their village to Rip another painting from the wall
Rip another painting off the wall to Roll on top of the demon chick and fuck her hard
Roll onto the floor, laughing to Rub your pecker up and down the length of Chiyo's slit
Rub your penis against the ballerina's ass to Run back to the centre circle
Run back to the reception to Run to house
Run to jacks house to SAU: *Milk Tea*
SAU: *Milk Tea*/ Go to the beach to SM:Shout At The Man
SM:Shout to Him to ST2: Exit the candy store and just RUN!
ST2: Fall to the ground and just rest to Samantha's Naughty Day/Driving back to school
Samantha's Naughty Day/Get dressed and try something later to Say, “Well, nice knowing you!”
Say:You are Satan? to Say that they must work harder in your class
Say that this frosted plain is not exciting to Saya/Black Leather 2/Ruairi/Quickly position yourself between it and t…
Saya/Black Leather 2/Ruairi/Read the letter to Scream and try to pull your chain free
Scream and yell that he's violated your ass to Secrets/ReadAmyD
Secrets/SearchAmyCloset to Seeking Romance in Bandung Flower City/Walk out to Jl. Banda
Seeking Romance in Bandung Flower City/Walk to BIP to Serenity: ending result 9
Serenity: ending result A to Set them on fire with your thoughts
Set up a camp to She (grudgingly) accepts to play her part.
She Did Normally, but Without Underwear to Shift your spirit into Natalia
Shift your spirit into Price to Shoot them with a gun
Shoot them with a pellet gun from your second-story window to Short And Random XV/ Homer/ Homer Sad
Short And Random XV/ Homer/ No to Show her what she was sitting on?
Show her what you think to Silent Nights/UnfairLove
Silent hill to Sit next to Alexander
Sit next to Ashley to Slap him in the faces
Slap his face for being such a jerk to Slip into the kitchen and go after Jessica.
Slip into the librarian's skirt to Smell the pansy
Smell the rose to Sneeze! Sneeze! Sneeze!
Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze to Sorry I left you! But I'll call you, Ok?
Sorry Miley! Another time! I've promised! to Spongebob Gone Wrong/Go to Patrick's house with your AK47
Spongebob Gone Wrong/Shoot down Squidward's door to Squat over her and let her pound you from below
Squeal to Stalker-try to have a casual conversation with Jenny
Stalker-try to invite her out with some old friends to Stare blankly at the squirrel for awhile and try to send it telepathic…
Stare in awe at Dudley's tail to Start walking - Emma(PFWSP)
Start walking back in the direction you came to Stay in the closet
Stay in the closet and hope he leaves again when he finds you not ther… to Steaming and pink
Steaming hot lesbian incest. to Stick the lesbian's foot inside your pants
Stick the mop handle up Kimmie's ass to Stop being stupid. You're in no danger
Stop beside the cheerleaders and act as if they're actually compliment… to Strip her clothes off and dress her in plastic
Strip her completely. to Stuff your dick in the ballerina's twat
Stuff your dick into her face to Suckle Callie's breasts while fingering her
Suckle LaTisha's breasts while she caresses you to Sunderfall
Sunglass Kid to Swallow the brunette's socks
Swallow the buffered analgesic to TBJ/show her
TBJ\are you shure only big girls do this to TGTLA 12
TGTLA 13 to TPM: Ask Nute to fuck you
TPM: Ask Nute to release you to TPM: ask if you can take pictures of eachother
TPM: both to TSRM- Raid the Clothes Hamper and go Masturbate?
TSRM- Remove your cock from your boxers to Take Brandon to Richard's house
Take Brenda's massive ass to Take a left turn.
Take a little walk to Take her to a scary movie
Take her to another room and have her all to yourself. to Take that as a "no" and look for someone else to share your …
Take that handcuffs and sent to jail to Take the red headed teen boy
Take the red pill to Talk elsewhere in private.
Talk first to Team Mario, who looks prepared
Team Mario Vs. Team Kratos to Tell Dave you've had enough
Tell Dave you have nothing to Declare to Tell MedIX you're better and leave
Tell Megan to break out her sex toys to Tell Zoe that her friend will be okay
Tell Zoe that she has privacy with her friend passed out to Tell her to shut up.
Tell her to sit back and be still if she doesn't want to be hosed by y… to Tell him to go fuck himself since those rules were way too complicated…
Tell him to go in the stall to your left to Tell the captain to shut up
Tell the captain you'd rather clean the cabin to Tell the prince to expose himself so you're even
Tell the prince to get his dick over there to Temporary forgive the Agumon
Temporary forgive the Argumon to That she was big enough to enjoy your huge dick
That skirt is mine to The Deadly Moon
The Dealer to The Giant Building With A Million Rooms/ Go Inside Door 3
The Giant Building With A Million Rooms/ Go Into Dino World to The Grand Arena / Get into the water and wait the guards out (5)
The Grand Arena / Get more aggressive and run a hand under her clothes… to The Internet
The Internship to The Pirate Ship
The Pit of Abandoned Stories to The Transformation Labotory
The Treasure Trove to The cat
The ceiling door above you. to The main room
The maintenance men take advantage of you to The unknown call 1
The vampire's pussy to Threaten to spank her unless she lies down and spreads her legs
Threaten to steal her clothes if she doesn't lay down and fuck to Tickle adventure
Tickle adventure/Beg for mercy to To bandage up the werewolf's wounds
To be fair, I kind of miss my family already (Curr Aff:Ka=0000) to Toss the vibrator into the bushes
Toss your bow over the wall to Trivia Time/Social Studies (Capitals)
Trivia Time/Social Studies (States) to Try on black latex bikini top: $15
Try on one of Dào-míng's kimonos to Try to explain that you're only wearing a costume and they don't reall…
Try to explain to the father that you mean no harm, and just want her … to Try to make sense/go downstairs
Try to make sense of everything to Try to wake Taffy up
Try to wake Valeria out of her trance and escape in the police car to Turn it on and do as he says
Turn it over, because you would rather watch Richard Whitely and his e… to UDX: BE15: Ashley
UDX: BE15: Be irreverent, leave them in there to UDX: BE68: Try to shoo it away
UDX: BE69: Be athletic, clock it to Unashamedly open the door and announce your love to whomever is on the…
Unbind Wendy to Unpuke
Unravel her top even further to Unzip your pants and hers
Unzip your pants and jack off to the sister pics to Use unchivalrous tactics
Use vorpal blade. to VRX 9000: Sex Games / Choose the Right Door (2222).
VRX 9000: Sex Games / Climb back over the gate (2) to VRX 9000: Sex Games / Possession (11222).
VRX 9000: Sex Games / Pretend there will be a 'reward' involved (3) to VRX 9000: Sex Games / Recruit Sage as a Mage (13213)
VRX 9000: Sex Games / Recruit Sage as a Mage (13321) to VRX 9000: Sex Games / The Monster Den - Setup
VRX 9000: Sex Games / The My Pet Series - Setup to Victim: Continue a normal life, trying to block out what had happened …
Victim: Continue shaving to Video Game Arcade
Video Game Girls to WAS: Leave the swamp and head back home
WAS: Let Acrom get close enough to strike with you to WSF/Read the story
WSF/Start the story to WTPCAY-Sock MonkeyIIISIGG
WTPCAY-Sock MonkeyIIISIIG to Wait for CNI to do something
Wait for Carrie's next request. to Wait until Dennis finishes with Jamie
Wait until Faith shows up to Walk around the back of the negligee lady's house and peer in the wind…
Walk around the castle to find another way in. to Walk toward the Emerald City
Walk toward the Inn looking to get some rest. to Warn the clerk that you're going to squirt
Warn the dickhead that his dick might get stuck in your snatch permane… to Wdyw/Adventure game
Wdyw/Alien game to Whack off watching the rubber woman
Whack off watching the strawberry blonde writhe on the floor to White lines
White pantyhose to Winter, hunting for food
Winter Cabin Adventure to Wishful Thinking/So He Wants Something Less Heterosexual To Tape
Wishful Thinking/Some Wishful Thinking to World of Warcraft: Fates/Night Elves
World of Wizards to Y4H: Show them why (ive)
Y4H: Skim over the details to YL/Jeans and shirt.
YL/Just continue to explore your mansion to YWD: Try to sneak back to the bus and hide out until it is time to go …
YWD: Try to sneak out of the back of the school? to Yes, it's getting uncomfortable
Yes, it's worth it to You've taken orders long enough; go take over the Cult Headquarters an…
You've waited long enough, start thrusting your hips to You are brought to the main camp
You are dead! to You even taste skanky
You fail. The creep subdues you and ties you up so you can't try to es… to You need some black makeup
You need straight sex. Just fuck her cunt to You wake up in a cozy, wooden hut.
You wake up in a damp basement to Your body is now covered in smooth scales, like that of a dragon.
Your boner to Your underwear
Your underwear, of course. They'll dry quicker and you wouldn't want t… to Zombie Outbreak/Take out the zombies and fill up
Zombie Outbreak/Travel to your apartment on foot to ﻖﻦﻷﻚ
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