Spank her ass as you fuck her

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As you continue to pound Troi from behind, you lift one hand and bring it down on the inviting globe of her ass cheek. The crack of skin on skin is surprisingly loud in the confines of the bedroom, but it's as nothing to the deeply satisfied groan Troi emits as you do so.

"Yes," she says. "I'm a bad girl, punish me!"

You spank her again, more confidently. This time Troi's response is more of a gasp. You keep going, slowing down the thrusts of your cock in her pussy but not stopping completely. As Troi's ass turns red, her cunt turns wet, as each spank sends a gush of pussy juices cascading over your cock.

"You're a very bad girl," you tell her, as you pause for a moment to glory in all the sensations: the sight of this beautiful woman, seemingly so in control in her day-to-day life, abasing herself on all fours for you with a reddenned ass; the sound of her panting for breath; the smell of her arousal, mingled with your own; the feeling of her tight around your cock ...

"Very bad," she agrees.

"You'd have to be very bad to like this so much," you continue, resuming spanking her.

"Then I think I must be extremely bad," she says between the gasps that accompany each of your blows.

"Really?" you ask.

"Yes," Troi says. "I want more than your hand. I want to be thoroughly punished."

Do you:

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