Space wrecked

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BOOM!!!!! (Ship rumbles) HUH! What's happening!? He walks to the ship controls. System failed!? How?! Then he hears a bother BOOM then he notices that the ships engine is on the fritz's and on fire. What to do?! There's nothing to do! Even though he is alone he talks to himself still. It helps him think. Escape pod! WHAT! The escape pod isnt even connected to the ship. Then it hits him a strange planet like thing is pulling his ship in with its powerful gravity. I'm going to crass!!!! He sets the landing gear and sheilds up and braces him self for the crass.OH GOD!...

 He wakes up still on the ship he has blood covering a good portion of his body but nothing broken as far as he knows he looks out the shattered window to see a jungle forest. What do you do???

1- go out side

2-stay inside the shiperase

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