Space Ship Excalibur

From Create Your Own Story

You gaze through the porthole of your small shuttle craft at the magnificent vessel ahead; The ESV(Earth Space Vessel) Excalibur. She's brand new and she's yours, you've just been promoted to captain and been given your first command. The Excalibur's mission is to explore space for new resources for use back on earth and in her many colonies and to enforce the sovereignty of all Earth's holdings. Most of the officers assigned to you have scientific backgrounds as well as military training. You are excited to get started.

The shuttle docks with the Excalibur and you step onto your ship for the first time. You are greeted by your First Mate, Commander Calvin Jenkins and the Chief Engineer, Lieutenant Jose Martinez. You had spoken with Cmdr. Jenkins briefly before, you like him and are looking forward to serving with him. You shake both officers' hands and proceed to inspect the ship. Once the inspection is over you address the crew with some words that you hope sound motivational and tell them that you will be getting underway shortly.

You enter your office and take your seat behind the small desk. You log on to the communications terminal to receive your first mission...

Start your first mission?


Do you decide to get to know your officers first?

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