Son Fun/Your Mom And Dad

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You don't think of yourself as gay, or even bi, since there is no other man or boy you fantasize about being with. It isn't like you fantasize about him alone, but about your mother as well. Your fantasy requires both of them together. Even if you are a little as a result of your desire, it is too targeted to be anything other than a unique fantasy.

You walk downstairs and see your family at the table waiting for you. The table has all your favorite breakfast foods laid out and ready for you. You join your family at the table and take a seat. Your mom smiles and says, "Happy Birthday. Do you know what you want?"

You want to say something crude, but decide to wait. Instead, you say, "Yes, but lets wait until after we eat."

There is no complaints from anyone since they all must have been hungry. Once breakfast is finished, your dad says, OK, sport, tell us what you want."

You don't want your sister to hear what you have to say, so you respond carefully. "For starters, how about you, me and mom spend the day together."

Your mom asks, "Are you sure you don't want your sister with us?"

You nod and say, "I'm sure."

Your sister smiles and gets up. She says, "Happy Birthday." You are about to thank her when she leaves the house.

Your dad asks, "What is it you want for this special birthday?"

You have though long and studied the rules so you know exactly what to say. In most instances, the desired wish only last one day. However, there are certain words that can be used to ensure they last much longer. You smile as you say, "Whenever we are alone, either 2 or all 3 of us, and I want to do something, then you have to let me use whatever words I wish and have sex with one or both of you." You can't believe you got the words out without a single mistake.

Your parents are:

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