Slit his throat?

From Create Your Own Story

You slid the cold blade across his fat neck. A spray of blood warmed your chest and turned your white t-shirt to a violent crimson. You stared at the dying man for a moment as he writhed and gurgled his last breath.

Your adrenaline haze was broken by a cry of "Holy shit!" from the other, lankier thug. That snapped you back into the moment. You looked up in time to see him beating a hasty retreat back down the alleyway.

The girl quickly picked herself up and took off toward the main street, brushing past you as she ran by. You looked down at the bloody knife in your hand and again at your bloodstained shirt. Didn't look good.

You heard the familiar cry of police sirens in the distance.

Did you:

Ammo 0 Equipment:

'Pocket Knife' 'Vodka'

Health 95
Level 10
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