Slim white tranny

From Create Your Own Story

You're hoping that a girl-next-door type will be a more comfortable introduction to this whole thing than a more glamorous escort. You find a slender white shemale who looks the part and select her. You contact her about date, time, and other details. Everything goes more smoothly than you expected, and soon you are nervously answering the door. "Mmm, hi cutie," she bubbles, and lightly touches your shoulder as she walks in through the door familiarly.

"Um...hi, make yourself at home," you say with an amused chuckle.

She smirks back at you over her shoulder, and returns "Don't mind if I do! Oh by the way, I'm know, in case you hadn't figure that out." Saucy, this one. "So, what's up?" she says, feigning innocence. You can see the mischief in her eyes, though.

How do you get back at her? Do you:

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