Sleepover: Samantha Rogers, Birthday Girl 18 yo

From Create Your Own Story

Tonight it's your birthday, and you are so ready for it! Unfortunately your stupid brother, James, had to stay home tonight. Your parents apparently didn't trust you and your friends not to make a mess of things. At first he was going to play video games with Kimberly's brother Thomas, but your parents forced him to stay home and babysit you and your friends.

You go up to your room to make things ready and put on your PJ's for tonight. On your way to your room, you walk past you brother's room. He calls out to you when he hears you walk past the doors.

"Twerp!" he calls out.

"What do you want, butt breath?" you ask. He's sitting on his bed with his laptop. He looks annoyed at you. "You and your friends better stay in your room. Me and Thomas are gonna play FIFA in the living room". You look at him surprised. "Thomas is coming here now?". He looks even more annoyed now. "Yeah. It's your fault I'm not going over to his place now". "That is not my fault!" you retort. "Mom and Dad made you do it!". "Whatever... Just stay out of the living room" he says. "Gladly."

Asshole. Like it's your fucking fault. Still... Pretty cool Kim's brother is coming. Thomas is pretty cute. He's a total nerd (all kinds of Star Wars shit in his room and stuff) but he's got the body of an athlete. You would never tell Kim this, but you've masturbated to this Dutch hunk pretty often.

Once in your room, you open up the wardrobe, and try to pick an outfit for tonight.

Tonight, you're gonna wear:

Sleepover: Sweat pants, Hello Kitty shirt, white Granny panties

Sleepover: Long red shirt, red panties

Sleepover: A pink bra, matching pink thong

Sleepover: Black bra, Black Thong, Black stockings

Sleepover: Nothing at all. It's my birthday. Why not wear my birthday suit?

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