Skyrim Adventures

From Create Your Own Story

You are an apprentice blacksmith in Helgen, a small town in the south of Skyrim. One day, as you're working, you notice a dark shadow pass over you. You stop working and look to the sky. There you see a huge dragon. It roars and spits a shot of flame over the town stables. Within minutes, the town is alight and there is panic throughout. The dragon has landed on the town centre and is aiming spurts of flame at anything that moves. You notice the town wall at the back of your smithy has collapsed. There is a large beam blocking the only way from the centre to this collapsed wall; you think you could lift it. It is alight but if you wear your work gloves it should not burn your hands too much.

Do you...

Save yourself, everyone else is capable of looking after themselves

Try to help evacuate the town

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