Skip school just for today and stay home.

From Create Your Own Story

"I should just skip school for today and stay home." "I have plenty of time to think about my future."

You slowly get out of bed and turn off your alarm clock. You hear your twin sister quickly get into the bathroom and close the door. As usual, she always has to be the first one in the bathroom and take forever. This maybe an opportunity to test your power. On the other hand you hear your mother downstairs cooking breakfast and you are damn hungry. Or maybe you should just skip the morning routine and do something else.

Some relevant information:


Name: Jenny

Age: 18 she's your twin idiot.

Weight: 104 lbs.

Hair Color: Blonde

Cup/Ass size: A perfect D cup with a shapely ass to go with it.


Name: Katherine

Age: 36

Weight: 136 lbs.

Hair Color: Brunette

Cup/Ass size: slightly sagging Double Ds with a surprisingly perky ass to go with it.

Do you:

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