Skip school and go the mall

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Being a young teenage girl is tough!

School sucks! You decide to just skip school for the day, and hit up the local mall. There is an upcoming pool party that you are incredibly excited for, so you start shopping around. You kind of have a crush on this really cute boy named Steven. He is so dreamy, but you know it will take everything you've got to get him to come chasing after you. After all, high school is a game, and you're determined to play it the best you can. You need some sexy little bikini for the party, and you know your old swimsuits won't do the trick. Besides, you outgrew your favorite, and desperately need a new one anyway.

Luckily, you see one that will make Steven go crazy! You decide to just go in the changing room and try it on. As you wiggle into it, and look into the three mirrors, it takes your breath away. The tiny top barely covers your growing little breasts, and the bottom is scandalously flaunting your perfect, pert ass. It is perfect! Perfect. But there is no way you could ever afford it. Still, you know that to get Steven, you absolutely must have this tiny, sexy bikini. You stuff it into your bag and leave, slipping around the back of the standing security scanners.

Shit. As you hurry out of the store, you see a security man coming toward you.

Do you:

Requirements: This is a story about a young girl written in second person.

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