Sixty Minutes

From Create Your Own Story

A ghost, spirit, or a lost soul.

It doesn't matter what you call yourself now. The only thing that matters is this is what you are even if you are not yet ready to accept it.

You aren't sure who you are, or how you got to where you are. The last thing you remember, in fact, the only thing you remember is a bright flash of light which made you close your eyes and when you opened them you were in this room.

This featureless white room. Your only companions being a table with a piece of paper and pen resting on the top of it.

You approach the paper, unsure if it is out of curiousity or due to it calling to you. There are only a few words on the page but more appear as you read. You can even hear a voice reading along with you, or is the voice speaking to you?

"A mistake has been made.

I do not believe it is your time to die, and I hope you would agree.

But... I have finite amounts of energy and I cannot simply restore to life everyone whose passing I believe a mistake.

I can only offer them a deal. A deal that I now offer to you.

I will give you sixty minutes. No more, no less. The longer I give you the weaker it leaves me as the more energy I must use. All you have to do in that time is save a human life. That's all. What I will gain from you doing this task for me is enough for me to restore you completely and still have more power than I had previously.

If you are unable, or unwilling to complete the task after a bargain is struck then you will be mine. You will stay with me and do whatever I please until you have paid off the 60 minutes that I had given you. If, and when the debt is paid then I will allow you to move on to whatever awaits a soul after death.

What will it be?

Will you accept by signing this contract for another chance to live?

Or will you decline by tearing this contract up?"

Do you:

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