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You sit and continue to smile at him as he continues to glare at you. The man below the table can be heard squirming to get free. You unbutton your pants and rub your throbbing manhood through your underwear. The man across the table stops paying attention to you as he gives in to his own pleasure. You free your dick before wrapping your hands your aching member. You stroke your shaft and fondle your nuts as you sit back and enjoy having your senses assaulted by the lewd acts in front of you. You can see he is getting closer and masturbate harder as he nears climax. You both groan and you watch as he cums. The struggling beneath the table intensifies as cums in his prey's throat. You jack off furiously as his face changes to one of stern determination and he gives violent little thrusts. Soon he finishes and you hear a thud as the prey falls. You start slamming your hips forward as you picture yourself involved in these acts in some way. The man is still glaring at you, what do you do?

Submit To Him

Dominate Him

Cum on Him

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