Silver - Beginning

From Create Your Own Story

It's a peaceful day as you step out of the forest and into the clearing, where your house is. The small river that runs along your house makes splashing sounds and the birds sing cheerfully as your grandfather is gracefully cutting the air around him with precise slashes, the sword producing a quiet song of its own. The house may not be large, especially with 3 people living in it, but seeing its round stone structure with its yellow roof always relaxes you with the promise of the 2 most important people in your life: Jennifer, your beautiful wife and your Granddad, who makes sure to keep you busy with training as much as you let him.

Walking down the stairs to your home, you run up to the brawny old man.

"You're late. We need to practice. You need to practice!"

"You really wanna be beaten so soon?!" You boastfully reply.

"Yes! But so far, I've only been sadly disappointed! Now get inside and get your sword! Or are you trying to beat me with your good looks?"

It's your usual banter and you can't help but smile as you turn towards the house. You enter and find Jennifer groggily rubbing her eyes, before she addresses you.

"When did you get out? I didn't even notice you leaving ..."

"Well, you know how grandpa is with his training and I didn't wanna wake you, as you looked so peaceful."

She comes over and gives you short kiss on the mouth.

"Aren't you the considerate one?" She smiles sleepily.

"Your sword's upstairs in your chest, if you're looking for it. Have fun and try not to hurt each other, I might come watch later on."

"I'll try to go easy on him, but he is surprisingly virile for his age. Then I'll see you later!"

You kiss her again and run upstairs to get your old sword. As you grab it from your chest, you also see your old wooden shield.

What do you do?

Health 100% Equipment:


MP 100%
Level -
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