SibFn/By alcohol and stay home

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Without hesitation, you say, "I'll buy the alcohol so we can drink here. That way, you don't have to worry about passing out at a bar."

The next day your sister puts on a comfortable fitting jeans and a t-shirt. You wish she would wear something nice for lunch, but know the restaurant you are taking her to will not mind. Following lunch you take her to the liquor store closest to your house. You ask her if there is anything she wants, but can't make a decision due to lack of experience. You decide to start off her drinking easily by making her margaritas. You aren't a big fan, so you get the bottles you need to make your Long Islands.

When you get home you make a large blender full of margarita for Anna first and let her get started. Then make your Long Island. Despite giving her a drink first, she has not taken a sip. You say, "Take a drink and let me know what you think."

She takes a sip and smiles. Then says, "That is really good."

She gets very drunk as she finishes the pitcher and you have a good buzz going. She starts to slur her words badly, then passes out. You decide to carry her into her bedroom to sleep it off. You lay her on her bed so she is laying on her back and get ready to let her sleep it off. You remove her shoes and socks and feel her flesh on your hands. You know it must be the alcohol, but there is something about the warmth of her legs and feet that sends chills up and down your spine. You push your hand further up her leg under her pants and listen to your sister sleep soundly.

Then an idea comes from some unknown place in your mind and you wonder if you should take off her pants as well. You know your sister sleeps in just a shirt and panties, but you don't know if it is right for you to remove her clothes. Then again, she is your sister, and you want her to be comfortable. As you caress her legs your dick starts to twitch. It shouldn't be doing that since she is your sister, but you can't exactly stop something like that.

Do you:

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