Show him the lingerie and wig(Leon SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

You slowly withdraw your cock from his mouth, and then grab your bag.

"Follow me." You tell him.

You don't bother to see if he is following you and you head upstairs to your bedroom, when you reach your room you turn to see him behind you his face streaked with tears from your brutal throat fucking of him. You then pull the lingerie and wig out of the bag.

"Here." You say handing them to him. "Go and put these on."

"Please don't make me wear them haven't you done enough to me, just do what you have to do then let me go."

"Go and put them on." You tell him again.

"My friend Alex, he's the one you want he likes to dress like this, he always dresses for me when I want him to suck my dick."

He's given you some interesting information, the boy next door, who admittedly his a lot cuter then James, likes to dress as a girl and suck cock.

Do you?

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