Show her the pool

From Create Your Own Story

You lead Kara through a ;labyrinth of rooms, finally you arrive at your destination. A spacious and somewhat unnecessarily big indoor swimming pool. As you enter the room she raises an eye as if to ask why.

"I used to like swimming when I was a boy." You respond to the unasked question.

"Oh" She gazes at the pool for a moment. "I don't have a swimsuit with me."

She gives you a look which begs for attention. "What do you suggest I do Mr. Wayne?" Her voice was mischievous, and seemed open to almost any idea. "On second though, I could just swim in the nude." She leaves the statement hanging in the air, seeing no objection she turns around and takes off her cape dropping it in front of you. She takes off her boots throwing them gently to the side. She stands before you only in her leotard, leaving almost nothing to the imagination. Her long smooth legs are bare and her swaying breast jiggle with every movement. 'You better join me in the pool Bruce."

She slides her hands across your chest, and lowers her hands to your belt. She pulls off your belt with practiced ease and drops your pants around your ankles, leaving you only in your boxers. She brings her hands to your crotch, groping your still soft member threw your boxers. grasping the hem of your boxers, she pulls them off too, leaving you completely exposed. She turns around pulling off the rest of her clothes and throws them at your feet.

Her perfect ass is on full display, she gives it aloud and playful smack, before jumping in the pool.

Super:Batman: Jump in after her

Super:Batman: Ask if she wants to play a pool game

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