Shit Happens, in Your Town.

From Create Your Own Story

So, here you are, in the great town of Ceesai. Well, it used to be a great and fantastic kingdom, until King Ronayn set off on a quest, choosing his advisor, the archmage Schinks, as his regent.

You rest now in your home, it had been a long day in the mines and you desperately needed rest, but you loathed the idea of sleeping in that now cold bed.

"Dear lord, Asher." You say, adressing the god of sun and fire, "Please send some sliver of good into this rotting carcass of a kingdom."

Suddenly a loud knocking shocks you from your prayer, and you stand up quickly. A knock on your door this late is never good news.

You can:

Answer the door.

Bar the door and sit back down.

Pray a little longer to Asher, and go to bed.

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