Sex with Guys, and you're a girl

From Create Your Own Story

You feel Tomas look you up and down in the van, checking you out and you get the urge to rush to Nikki and tell her in private. She knows that the weekend can't be that bad if hot Tomas has decided you're his lucky treat. When you arrive at the camp, Tomas takes you by the arm, not giving you the chance to retrieve your bags from the van.

"Hey!" you exclaim, but he seems to be deaf to everything but his personality. Tomas isn't the friendly creature you thought would love you!

His grip tightens as you struggle to break free. He takes you to where none of the others can see you and he pushs you onto the ground.

"Leave me alone!" you plead as he rips off your mini skirt and pulls down his bluejeans to reveal a long, erect penis with a musty smell. He bends over you, and you realize you want him even more now. He enters you with a single hard thrust. Your moans and groans are cut short when a scream pierces the woods.

Slasher's Body Count:
Live:You (a girl who likes guys), Nikki, Tomas, Andrew, Chris, Jackie
Dead:No one... yet
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