Sex in Ancient Rome:Hercules

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Hercules (or Heracles if you're into his original, greek title);one of the greatest, most famous heroes ever to be remembered! Originally a son of Amphitryon and Alkmene, you had been given divine origins, and it's been said that Jupiter disguised himself as your father and fucked your mother (to add some godly juices to your conception), which of course attracted the fatal attention of Jupiter's wife; Juno. She decided to have you killed and sent two snakes to kill you as an infant. Of course, being blessed with god-like strength from your father, you were able to kill them with ease, which only infuriated her even more.

Juno decided to mess your life up even worse. So she waited until you were adult( and married to the foxy girl Megara) whereupon she drove you mad so that you in your insanity murdered Megara along with your six children. Crushed by guilt, you saught the advise of Apollo, who told you to place yourself at the service of your cousin, King Eurystheus. Unbeknownst to you however: Juno had told the king to give you twelve impossible tasks in hope that they would be your ultimate doom. Said tasks would forever be known as the "Twelve labors of Hercules", and it's up to you to see whether or not you ever completed them.

It was an early summer morning when the king called you into his throne room,a massive chamber with fretted archways and a throne where he was sitting next to his curly-haired wife. On either side of them stood two naked slave girls that fanned them with massive, tropical leaves. You kneeled before them respectfully, as was expected from a person in his service

"Hercules!" Eurystheus said in-between being fed with grapes by his wife. "I've called you in here today because there's a situation going on in Nemea. A monstruous lion is terrorizing the townsfolk, and my guards are helpless against it. I need you to kill it, where others have failed already."

Being no stranger to combat, it was easy for you to reply: "My king! I will cut the beast's head off with a mere swing of my sword, and then mount it so that the world knows you are not to be trifled with!"

"Ah, but I do not think you'll be cutting anything with that sword of yours." he scuffed and opened his mouth as another grape entered. "The Lion appears invulnerable to weapons, which is why I require your expertise."

You were taken aback by those words. "But my lord, are sending me alone, without any help, to kill a foe that can't be killed?"

"Ayup. But I have faith in you, Hercu-leeze. Take your time, and believe in yourself.". Eurystheus replied with a thumbs-up, before playfully tugging his wife's toga down, allowing him to fondle her perfectly round breasts. An infallible indication that the conversation was over, you took that as your cue to leave them alone.

Once up on your feet, you:

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