Serenity: ending result 29

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Feeling sexy but exhausted

Serenity remains on her bare behind against the wall as she finds if difficult to stand on her two wobbly legs. She watches as the bald man put away his cock with a disappointed look on his face. Doing up his zipper, he turns and leads his old friend out with him as they return to class. Serenity eventually picks herself up and piece by piece, she puts her clothing back on. Her face was still glowing red and still hasn't recovered from what had just happened to her. Serenity feels an uncomfortable sensation as she leaves the scene of the crime; her drenched panties soak up her juices that still remains on her pussy.

Resuming the second half of the class was a very interesting one. Serenity was the last to come back to the class and notices that all the seats were taken. Just like before, there was one seat at the back that is conveniently empty between the two men who had an interesting lunch time activity together. There is an awkward energy that consumes Serenity as she sits down to resume class. With the bald man that fingered her to her right and the older man that watched it all happen to her left, Serenity found it hard to focus in the classroom. Time goes on as Serenity tries her best to ignore the bald man.

"So uh, when are we going to do that again?" He whispers.

"I- I don't know..." Serenity tries to disarm the conversation.

"You wanna come back to mine after this?" He adds on trying to score a date.

"Uhh, no, can't sorry. My dad is picking me up." Again, Serenity tries to end this award moment.

Time continues to fly by as Serenity keeps darting her eyes over to the clock. She could swear that time itself was purposely slowing down just to annoy her. The bald man continues to advance his needs onto Serenity as he tries to get her attention by touching her on the shoulder or her thigh. At first Serenity swats away the bald mans hand to get him to leave her alone but Serenity herself was feeling that playful tingle once again. She soon allows him to do what he wants to her. First, he softly rubs up and down Serenity's right leg just as he was doing back in the toilet stalls. Then he traces his fingers to feel around Serenity's crotch giving the girl tingles and wanting more. Serenity then assists in helping out her bald friend by undoing her button to her jeans to give him access to what he wants. Without hesitation, Serenity could feel a familiar pair of chubby fingers that bypass her damp panties and feels the tips rub against her clit. This could get the two of them in heaps of trouble if they were caught by the teacher. Breathing steadily and trying her best not to moan out loud, Serenity swallows hard as she feels herself being penetrated once again by the bald mans fingers. Clawing at the table, Serenity once again cums letting her black jeans soak up everything that she leaks out.

Soon enough class was over Serenity was one of the first to pack up and leave. Exiting the small building Serenity smiles and runs to her fathers car that and hops inside slamming the door shut.

"Hey, how's you day sweetie?" Father asks and smiles as Serenity kisses him on the cheek.

"Aw, it was okay." Serenity says as she shrugs her shoulders. "But I just don't this that this kind of job is for me."

"That's okay sweetheart." Responds dad as he returns a kiss to his daughters forehead. "There's many more options out there."

As the engine heats up and propels the car forwards towards the freeway, Serenity couldn't stop thinking about what a day she has had. She smiles as she briefly relives her memory in the toilets stalls, it would be exciting to do that to herself later tonight, the possibilities are endless



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