Sengoku Basara: Romance

From Create Your Own Story

You've played Sengoku Basara before, oh yes. You liked it, whether it was because of the (more than good-looking) daimyos, varying plotlines, or maybe everything, you simply just liked it. The game play was simple enough, despite what people may call it (though it may be true) a no-thinking-spam game. It took some amount of skill and besides, who was keeping count on how high your combo count went? Capcom may not have the very best advertising in the world, but the internet tended to do the job for them. When the new visual, real-life experience, simulator for Sengoku Basara went out, the internet went berserk. In fact, the whole world almost exploded in amazement. The choices in the simulation were almost endless, but not many choices were very good if you wanted to survive in the warring era. The characters were totally in character, but the only problem was that the pain that a person could experience within the simulator might be too extreme. That was why you, an avid-fan or rather just a player, were luckily chosen to enjoy the simulator while getting out all the bugs and kinks in the game. Even if it meant you could die if Nobunaga Oda went all demon king on you, or Masamune Date decided to kill you with his six swords, you'd do it. It was summer, what else were you going to do?

Oh. And I almost forgot to ask. Who are you?

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