From Create Your Own Story

After a good long look through the closet you narrow the vast selection down to jeans and a tshirt, a skirt and top, a light summer dress or *Gasp* her cheerleading uniform. Thinking through this a little further you realize that this is going to take more time than simply raiding her room looking for your sister's secrets. Before you even risk taking your chosen outfit off its hangers you quietly move to the upstairs balcony and look down on the babysitter. Once you are sure that she is fully engrossed in the slasher movie she rented on your parent's pay-per-view, you sneak back into your sister's room and silently shut the door. Now you just have to decide on what outfit you want to try on.

The jeans and t-shirt combination is definitely the most familiar option. If it weren't for the brightly inked accents the light blue jeans could have come out of his own closet. The "Girl Power" pink t-shirt was all his sister's though.


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