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You focus your curiosity on Amy's dresser. The dresser itself has three drawers and is beautifully carved with roses. From what you know about the rest of the house you doubt is is just a facing over plywood like you've seen in your friends' rooms. The top is covered in containers of makeup, more makeup than you ever thought possible to have. A mirror is hung on the wall above the dresser for your sister to check her look as she applies her makeup. Your curiosity still running strong, you start opening drawers.

The top drawer is full of carefully folded socks. Long ones, ankle socks, and socks that stop right in between. There are even some nylon stockings and pantyhose.

The second drawer is full of pajamas and a few lighter night gowns you've seen her wear in the hottest part of summer. Off to one side, folded so you almost didn't recognize them is something you've only seen in your Mom's JC Penny catalogs. Two babydoll sets, but these were silky smooth with lots more lace and transparent parts. One pink and the other black.

Finally, in the bottom drawer you find her panties and bras, and boy does she have a collection. Just at first glance you see multiple styles and colors, most of them in matching setts.

Closing the other two, you decide to look more closely at


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