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You open Amy's diary, skim through the first few pages and realize she has been keeping this diary on and off since she was 8. Some of the first couple pages are even in crayon. You decide to skip though to some more interesting parts.

I had a great time sleeping over a Shanna's house, Hmmm, maybe later.

My boobs are getting bigger... Yep, already noticed.

I made it onto the cheerleading squad today... As Beth and I are constantly reminded. Ugh.

Cheerlearer sleepovers, unfair teachers, projects with Shanna, Shanna joined cherleaders, Shanna might be moving, Shanna gets to stay. Sleepover with Shanna.

Wow, lots about Shanna and nothing about boys. Is my sister a lesbian? I wonder if Mom knows?

You decide to:

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