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As you begin to walk around in this strange room, you begin to wonder why anyone would want to do something like this to you. Is this some kind of practical joke??? You walk over to a part of the wall to feel for some kind of lever or handle that would allow you to free yourself from your ghastly prison. You notice that this wall does not feel like any normal wall. It feels scaly; it almost looks like a bunch of fish scales. The scales themselves are transparent; glassy-like. As you feel the odd texture of the scales, you are thrown off your feet by a sonic pulse from the wall. As you hit the ground, the light emanating from behind the wall fades to completely black.

You sit in the darkness, staying completely still. You hear a low rumble and the room begins to shake violently. Suddenly........everything stops moving. Complete silence. The light behind the walls slowly begins returning back to normal. But, to your surprise, THE SHAPE OF THE ROOM HAS CHANGED! What was once oval shaped has turned into a square. You notice a pure white pedestal in the exact center of the room. You stifle over to the pedestal. You notice that an object has been placed on it.

Do you:

Health 95 Equipment:


MP 0
Level 1
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