School Wars

From Create Your Own Story

You are a middle schooler. Just entering 7th grade. When you arrive on campus, one of your friends, Nick, starts talking to you. "Hey, we're in each others homeroom and science classes!" Nick says.

"Hell yeah!" you yell, giving Nick a high-5. Your last name is right before his, so you guys get lockers next to each other. You put in what you don't immediately need just as the first bell rings. Cursing, you and Nick run up to the 2nd floor into room 13. You sit down just as the second bell rings. Coincidently, the only two available seats left are right next to each other in the back row; perfect for you guys. The teacher introduces himself as Mr. Seax.

He takes roll, notifies the office, and explains that homeroom is a 5-minute period. Then there are 1st-6th period, and electives, and lunch. When the bell rings, do you:


  • you: 100% HP

Equipment: School books

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