School Fun: Turn Her Around And Give Her Anal

From Create Your Own Story

You finish unbuttoning your pants, revealing your already hard dick. You turn Brianna around and pull down her leggings revealing a thin black thong covering her asshole. However, this isn’t just any regular anal sex. 5 dollars are on the line, and you want it! You start to caress and kiss her smooth ass, causing her to moan. This goes on for a full minute, causing your dick to get even harder. After another minute of worshipping Brianna’s ass, you get up, barely able to control yourself, and put your dick in, causing Brianna to scream. At first, it’s a little hard for you, but after a little while you’re able to get the hang of it. You start to pound her ass faster, causing Brianna to scream louder. You start spanking Bri, which gets her even hornier. You take off her shirt and grope her tiny breasts, before going back to spanking. After awhile, you feel her get warmer, when she bursts onto your dick, causing you to orgasm as well. You pull out and squirt on Bri, the floor, and the stall. Brianna falls onto you, and you start to rip her pussy. “5 dollars well earned,” she says. Bri gives you the money and you button up your pants, and walk off triumphant. Now, you need to find another place to go. Do you go to:

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