School Fun: Sit Next To Anna

From Create Your Own Story

As you sit down next to Anna she starts telling you about her weekend and the three different guys she made out with while she was drunk. You feel yourself getting hornier as she finishes up her stories and the professor calls your attention to the front of the classroom. The lecture starts and it's about the difference between a light wave and a light particle and you quickly find yourself tuning out the professors words. Your eyes wander around the room and eventually find themselves resting on Anna's full breasts.

As you begin to fantasize about them. They jiggle up and down and you jerk your head up and see Anna and the rest of the class staring at you as the professor has just asked you a question. You stammer a response about light waves as the class laughs at your awkwardness. You quickly avert Anna's gaze and continue staring at the front of the class. As you begin to zone out again you feel Anna's hand slowly moving its way up your leg until she begins to rub your crotch underneath the table the two of you are sharing. You feel an erection growing in your pants and you can't decide if you should let her continue or pass her a note and see if she wants to meet later when you can get a little more serious.

Do you:

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