School Fun: Sit In Front Of Brianna

From Create Your Own Story

You walk up to sit in front of Brianna. She’s wearing leggings and a baseball shirt, working on her homework. You can see her sports bra through her shirt. You try to spark up a conversation with her. “Hi,” you say. Brianna doesn’t respond back, so you can tell she’s extra focused. So, you try again, only this time, you talk about the thing she cares about most. “Hey, Brianna, I’m kinda confused on problem number eight for math homework, do you know how to do it?” you ask her, shoving a piece of paper at her. Bri looks up, and sees that it wasn’t really your homework. Instead, on the paper is written, “Meet me after class if you want a good orgasm.” Brianna nods, and goes back to work. Your plan is a success, but you need a place to meet up at. Do you go to:

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