School Fun: Sit Behind Brittany

From Create Your Own Story

You take a seat behind the tall, leggy brunette and try to concentrate on the professor's lecture. He drones on about the differences between particles of light and waves of light in a flat, monotone voice, and pretty soon your thoughts are wandering. You find yourself staring at Brittany's back and thinking about her legs.

You pull out your cell phone, which is set on "silent" mode since you're in class, and compose a text to your best friend. He's attending a school out of state, but you've promised each other to keep in touch. Sitting behind a beautiful brunette. She's got a stunning body and the best legs I've ever seen. I could worship her for hours on end. Your head has been downward, staring at the phone as you compose your message. You hit the SEND button and look up, to see Brittany's head a few inches from yours. You wonder if she saw your message.

"I have the best legs you've ever seen?" Brittany whispers, trying not to giggle.

You nod and blush.

"Maybe I could talk you into coming to my room to do some Bible study," Brittany suggests. "Like after this class."

You'd be more interested in studying Brittany than the Bible. Still, it's a chance to get close to her... and you have a card you can play.

The bell rings, indicating the lecture is over. Brittany looks at you expectantly. You see a friend from high school, a blonde named Karen who looks like a bowling ball with limbs but always seemed to have a crush on you, heading up the aisle.

Do you:

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