School Fun: Drop Her Leggings And Lick Her Up

From Create Your Own Story

You button your pants back up. “What are you doing?” Bri asks, confused. Instead of answering, you pull down her leggings, revealing a black thong that barely covered her pussy. You pulled them down as well, and started to kiss her pussy. “Ugh,” Brianna moaned, as you continued to kiss her. You gripped onto her ass tighter as you licked the insides of her pussy, which started to drip juice, You sucked it all up, pulling at her pussy with your mouth as you do. At this point Brianna can’t control her moans. However, she hasn’t orgasmed yet. So, you pull her ass cheeks back and put a finger in her asshole. Brianna screams in pleasure, gripping onto your hair so she doesn’t lose all control. You assume that after a minute of fingering her ass and licking her pussy, Bri would give in. Soon enough, Brianna screams as you stick one more finger in her ass and another in her pussy. Brianna sprays into your mouth, and keeps on spraying for ten seconds. She falls to the ground, panting, as she gropes her tiny breasts. “Well, looks like you’re getting that ten dollars,” she pants. “Looks like it,” you respond, before licking her clean. However, you’re urge to fuck Brianna hasn’t been completely satisfied, and you notice someone eavesdropping in. Do you:

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