School Fun: Decline and go talk to Karen

From Create Your Own Story

"Some other time," you tell Brittany.

She looks disappointed, but manages a polite smile. "When?"

"When's best for you?" you respond.

"Tomorrow evening? Like around 6:00?" Brittany inquires hopefully. "Meet me at the front door of my apartment." She hands you a piece of paper with her address.

"Deal," you say, smiling. Brittany happily strides off and you slip over to Karen. When you put your hand on her shoulder, she turns her head and a pleased expression appears on her face as she recognizes you.

"Hey," she giggles. "Nice to see you again."

"You, too," you purr, leaning down and kissing her neck lightly.

"Fresh!" she half-complains, but she has an ear-to-ear grin. She takes your hand. "Should I invite you up to my dorm?"

"I'd like that," you respond. 10 minutes later, you're inside Karen's dorm room and she's snuggling her big body against you. You reach down, slip a hand under her skirt and caress her ample ass. Karen's eyes gleam as she tilts her head upwards and parts her lips. You kiss her and twine tongues.

When you break the kiss...

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