Say fuck it and chug the drink

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to just chug the drink. This turned out to be a mistake. After a few seconds, your eyes began to darken and you pass out.

You hear a voice inside your head as you are unconscious. "Hello young man." The voice says. You then see an image of the old man from the park.

"Not did you not even try to save me, you LIED to the police about my attackers... whatever am I going to do with you."

At this point you can no longer feel your body. "I know" says the old man. "You will become one of my minions in the fight ahead."

"Minions?" you question.

"Yes minions. A tentacle monster to be more precise."

Slowly you feel your body change, as your arms and legs are replaced with tentacles. Soon, more tentacles grow out of your torso, as your whole body begins to turn purple and slimy. You are hungry, hungrier then you have ever been in your whole life.

"I know you are hungry my minion, but first thing is first. The sun is your enemy. You must leave your apartment and enter the darkness of the sewers as quickly as possible."

Do you:

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