Say Goodbye

From Create Your Own Story

For some reason, something is odd.

You don't know what it is, but you just feel... odd. Something is off.

Darkness clouds your vision and you slowly open your eyes, to see the pale whiteness of a ceiling. In the distance you can hear a faint shriek, panic and you realize that you aren't alone.

With a heavy ache, you slowly lift yourself up into a sitting position.

What you see surprises you immensely. A boy stands by your side, he had straight black hair while his beautiful amber eyes are aimed at the girl shrieking at a door. The girl pounds on the door angrily shouting curses, her brown hair tied back in a messy bun that was starting to unravel.

Your eyes slowly sweep around the small rectangular white room with a very small barred window, allowing slanted white light slide across the floor. There are five beds, you're on one of them right now. A boy with wispy golden blonde hair sits on one as he yells at the shrieking girl in an annoyed tone. A very young girl with long black hair sits on the bed next to him, her hands clapped on her ears, her eyes closed shut.

"Wha-" you muttered. The room grows still and the whole room turns silent, everyone turns to you. You didn't think anyone could hear you.

"Are you alright?" The boy with black hair asks you.

"I-" you start.

"What do you think? Everyone knows shit nothing," the boy with blonde hair interrupts angrily.

"Shut up blondie," the girl with brown hair snapped. She turned to you, "All right Thea?"

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