Sasha walks in with some more work

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"Eric, Sasha's here to see you." Keann's voice brought you out of your thoughts. Since the room was soundproofed, you used an intercom to talk with your secretary.

"Okay, send her in," you reply, sitting up in your chair and trying to look professional. Sasha came in carrying a folder full of papers.

Sasha was fairly young, considering her position. At only 21, she had risen high in Trump's government, serving as his personal assistant. She was completely committed to the cause, often bragging that she'd been an avid supporter since Day 1. She'd even moved from her home in Iowa to serve under her idol. While definitely not a model, she was very attractive in her own way. She had light brown hair, which she usually kept in a ponytail. She wore glasses, giving her a girl-next-door look.

"The President wants these completed by tomorrow," she said, placing the folder on your desk. Briefly glancing at it you see it's the usual stuff, some forms, a couple letters, and so on.

"Why not e-mail them to me," you ask, looking up at the assistant. She wasn't very tall, standing at around 5'5, but the way she carried herself made her seem taller.

"It's not my job to scan your papers," she replied icily.

"But it is your job to bring them to me," you shoot back, smirking. Her cheeks reddened as she scowled at you.

"I don't have time for this," she snaps, turning to leave.

What do you do?

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