Sansa begins to pleasure herself

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Her eyes still closed, her right hand drifts down between her legs, below the surface. Bran is curious as to what she is doing. He sees her hand begin to rub her pussy, slowly moving in circles. Sansa let out a moan, writhing in the water.

Is that how girls jerk off? He thinks to himself, intrigued. Whatever she was doing, it was having an effect on the young Stark. For some reason, her doing this turned him on more than anything else he had experienced. Bran stroked himself faster and faster, eyes glued to his sister. She moaned again, speeding her hand up. Her free hand grabbed her right breast, softly caressing and kneading it.

Slowly, she dipped her middle finger into her pussy, then began to move it in and out. She added her index finger, and slowly worked them in and out. Once she was accustomed to their size, she began to finger herself faster. Bran sped up as well, matching her speed. She tilted her head back, her auburn hair cascading down the rock. Bran closed his eyes, imagining putting his penis inside her pussy. He wanted to thrust into her, feel her pussy squeeze his cock. He wanted to see her face look up at him, with the same lust he felt for her.

Wanting to get a better view, he tried to move a foot or two to the left. However, he accidentally sat on a twig, snapping it. Sansa opened her eyes, searching for the source of the sound.

Is Bran found?

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