Samantha Freud.

From Create Your Own Story

Name: Samantha Freud.

Age: 17.

Family: Alex Freud (Twin Brother), Rachel Freud (Mother), Daniel Freud (Father)

Hair Color: Sand-Blonde.

Eye Color: Sea-Green.

Height: 5' 8"

Breast Size: 34DD

Virgin: No.

Sexual Experiences (If any): Has a sexual relationship with a teacher. Started by giving blowjobs for good grades, then escalated into full vaginal and anal penetration.

Survival Skills: Can forage for food.

Personality: Samantha considers herself to be a good person under bad circumstances. Strictly speaking, for example, her brat of a brother Alex didn't strictly need those collector's edition action figures, did he? No, Jacob from school wanted them a lot more, and paid her a lot more. And Mr and Mrs Brovloski didn't really need that golden wedding ring, did they? The man at the pawn shop paid her a lot more for it, and after all, they still have each other.

You are shallow, and don't care much for others, but still retain a quiet innocent view of the world.

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