Samantha's Naughty Day/He finally stops the car

From Create Your Own Story

Mr. Roberts finally pulls into the parking lot of the supermarket down the road and pulls around the back of the store. As he stops the car and turns off the engine you look down and see that he is still very much aroused.

"Out of the car young lady." Mr. Roberts says sternly as he rolls up the windows. You do as he says and climb out of the car. "Are you going to spank my bare bottom?" you ask as innocently as you can. "Yes." he says as he starts walking around the car. "Okay Mr. Roberts." you answer and pull your skirt down to your ankles and step out of it. As he walks up, you ask "Can I keep my blouse on Mr. Roberts?" He grins slightly, "No, take it off, so everyone can see what a bad girl you are."

You comply and take off your blouse, dropping it on the ground with your skirt. After you drop your blouse Mr. Roberts grabs your arm and guides you to the front of his car and bends you over the hood. You lay there with your tits pressed against the hood as he unfastens his belt and takes it off.

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